Artist Info

Harry Hughes

I simply enjoy creating things -especially pictures! 

At present I'm trying to restrict myself to a better understanding of acrylics and oil & pastels but my studio is a well stocked place and other mediums force themselves on me - usually following an exhibition visit, reading an article or a chat with a fellow artist. 

The natural world gives me most of my subjects but I like to play with shapes and colours that are a little different from natures'.

I paint on different materials and surfaces-applewood slices (miniatures), large wooden panels (old factory notice boards), textures I create using shredded paper, sand, pine needles etc.  Why I like to use unusual things to create my pictures is that my head still holds bits of ideas from my years in the commercial art world.

From art school days, working in Manchester's agencies producing designs for mail order catalogues,  exhibitions,  point-of-sale displays was a very competitive, enjoyable commercial art environment,  one that gave me the experience and access to senior management positions with major printing and packaging companies across the UK and Sweden.

Now retired, I paint away in my garden studio in Bromley Cross Bolton and exhibit my pictures mainly in the North West.

Give painting a go-it's frustratingly great.

Harry H


Oils, Acrylics & Pastels


Mostly subjects from the natural world.