Artist Info

Rachel Thornton

I live and work in Bentham, North Yorkshire where I rent my studio space. My studio is a brand new space there is a gallery/studio/workshop space bellow a mezzanine where I work. This creative new space is called Studio 42.

I graduated from a Fine Arts Degree in summer 2013 and was delighted to receive a First and a printmaking award. During my degree I spent a lot of time in the print studios, this was where I developed skills within the discipline of printmaking. With the prints I made I was accepted onto two international print exhibitions, one toured the UK and the other exhibited my work in ten countries around the world. Since my degree I have created work whenever I can. My practice is slowly building with more and more opportunities to exhibit and sell. I have also had some great commissions one being with an interior design company in London.



The media I work in is primarily Print, using techniques such as etching and collograph. I like to develop my own techniques within print using materials such as latex and show polish. I also like to draw using ink and paint using a mixture of acrylic and wall paint.


Recently I have been creating a lot of something called anthropomorphism; this is in basic terms an animal shown wearing clothes or displaying human characteristics. My imagination takes me to amusing places where the people I know are manifested in the body of an animal, or the animals I see become characters of their own wearing top hats and jackets. It makes a trip to the post office a little more fun when you imagine the grumpy man stood next to you as an old owl wearing a monocle. My ideas are always changing but I would say my work is a mix of imaginative or representative illustrations.