Artist Info

Rob Miller

I was born in Whalley Lancashire and have lived, studied and worked in various places.   I studied Art in Bolton and with the OU  I work hard at developing my skills through constant investigation and personal practice..... I would say that I am a modern land based painter and very much a Northern artist.

My work is always grounded in a defined identity or place without that there seems little point; depending on my level of interest in the nuances of the paint or the situational context.

I work to present a version of the landscape stripped down to its essential parts of light and form. I reference a range of artists mostly associated with Paul Cezanne. When things go well my paintings display a continuous elemental, sense of movement and natural energy that places the viewer into the process of both abstracting the painting and knowing the place. I paint mostly on my own outside en plein aire and in my studio at Falcon Mill in Bolton, Manchester. I do regular trips to the Western Isles and occasional trips South to London and The Cotswolds. I also paint landscapes in Portugal and Spain alongside Portuguese and Spanish painters. I like doing that as it stretches me completely and the visual becomes the vehicle for all communication. In Spain I exhibit my work in Galleries Lisbon, Badajose, Montimor, Evora, Barcelona and Marbella. This year I painted in Iceland and the arctic an amazing place. In the UK I show my work in northern galleries in Lancashire such as Millyard at Saddleworth and WaterStreet in Todmorden, Cumbria G1 Windermere, Cheshire Vermillion, Derbyshire at Ashbourne and Yorkshire at Barefoot. I have an agent who is based in Maida Vale London.

I work in oils, acrylics and other media which I feel is most relevant at the time. I undertake commissions large and small and quite enjoy sharing creative journey of creating with what I perceive to be my sponsors.

“ There is a great depth of understanding of our world in Robs work which at the same time are extremely beautiful and enjoyable. - Linda Schultz Barefoot Gallery



Oils, acrylics and other media