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Greg Howard

Greg Howard has been painting and illustrating in watercolour for over twenty years. He considers himself lucky as not only was he raised in one of the most picturesque areas of the U.K - the Scottish Borders but he has also lived in the Derbyshire Peak District and has recently settled in the Cumbrian Lake District. Due to this, inspiration for his atmospheric, richly coloured watercolours has never been hard to find and landscapes were an obvious choice of subject for him.

Greg is passionate about helping people to appreciate the natural beauty of the country they live in and his paintings cover a variety of subjects from landscapes & seascapes to street scenes and can be found in galleries and private collections across the globe.

Recently he has started to move work more and more in a large format so many of his paintings are full sheet (approx. 60 x 80cm) which allows him more freedom for his loose expressive style which exploits the use of texture and colour to create dynamic, bold, atmospheric landscape painting.

Over the last few years demand for Greg’s work has steadily increased as he is one of a small army of watercolour painters that is now making a stand against the art world’s long held belief that watercolour is some wishy-washy sketch medium. He was recently quoted as saying “Watercolour is most definitely not a sketch medium and when used properly is capable of producing large, bold & colourful images that will make a strong impact on any viewer. Watercolour is not some lesser medium that is going to go away it is here to stay and the quicker the so called art critics get used to that the better for us all. It is wrong that the very people who are supposed to inform the art buying public think that an inferior oil painting should be held in higher esteem and therefore priced higher than an accomplished watercolour painting produced by a skilled master of the medium. Fortunately astute collectors have already realised this and the prices are starting to reflect collector’s faith in the investment potential of high quality watercolours and when it comes down to it I place more stock in what my clients say than what any art critic says. A watercolour painting that has been produced with artists quality paints on high quality paper and framed properly as all mine are will look exactly the same in 100 years as it did the day it was painted – if that does not make a watercolour painting a good investment I don’t know what will! ”

Greg has always been an advocate of the idea that everyone should be able to afford to purchase original artwork and his prices reflect this belief. Although even he admits that as his work grows in popularity and demand increases it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep his prices down at the level they are currently at – so why not grab a bargain while you can!



Watercolour, Soft Pastel


Landscapes, Seascapes, Street Scenes